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Welcome to the website of Dr. Schön, attorneys at law and notary public.

  • Industry and business.
  • Land and property.
  • Inheritance and bequests.

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Attorneys at Law/Notary Publics

Anwälte/Notar RA Holzhauer Dr. Schön Dr. Link

Dr. Andreas Schön

attorney at law and notary public
specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law

Rechtsanwalt und Notar, Partner
Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht

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“Analysis, structure and design are the key elements in a creative process. This creativity is a crucial requirement when designing legal relations and satisfying and defending legal positions. We work together with our partner advisors to ensure your success. We measure our work in terms of our clients’ satisfaction.”

Dr. Schön

Tim Holzhauer

attorney at law and notary public

Rechtsanwalt, Partner

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Fax +49 (0) 271 313634-40

“It is said that some things take care of themselves. Inactivity is not one of our attributes, however. A strong team is the best way to achieve good results while remaining optimistic on the road to ultimate success. Our challenge is to meet the expectations and gain the trust and confidence of our clients. We accept this challenge.”

RA Holzhauer

Dr. Sebastian Link

attorney at law
specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law

Rechtsanwalt, Partner
Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht

Fon +49 (0) 271 313634-0
Fax +49 (0) 271 313634-40

“Complex economic and technical factors must be assessed from a legal perspective. Unexpected developments call for decisions. The task in the decision-making process is to evaluate and select options with the support of legal expertise, with the ultimate objective being success. That is our aim and objective as well and we work towards it with fervour and passion.”

Dr. Link

Fields of work


Attorneys at Law

Our team of attorneys will advise you in the design and structure of legal relationships. At the heart of our work is the task of establishing contractual relations, negotiating and framing contractual agreements. If parties fail to adhere to agreements, particularly when this involves the delivery of goods and rendering of services, expert legal analysis of the actual relationship is required. This also requires communication skills and an understanding of economic, technological and tax-related factors.

Our mission is to satisfy claims that come about through violation of agreements and to defend unjustified claims asserted by contractual partners. Our attorneys will act as your counsel before courts, with government authorities and towards any and all third parties. Similarly, our attorneys offer you legal advice in a host of legal fields relating to business and commerce. Our partner advisors in Germany and abroad allow us to support you in a globalised world.

  • Commercial Law
  • – Review of Agreements, Design of Agreements, Execution of Agreements
    – Legal Advice to support of Projects in Germany and abroad
    – General terms and Conditions
    – Commercial Agency Law and other Distribution Law
    – Product Safety Law and Product Liability Law
    – Guarantees, Suretyships and Other Collateral
    – Counsel in Court Procedures in Germany and abroad
    – Counsel in Arbitration Procedures in Germany and abroad
  • Corporate Law
  • – Foundings and Restructurings of Companies
    – Company Transactions (M&A)
    – Company Succession
    – Company Agreements
    – Managing Director Agreements
    – Liability of Governing Institutions
    – Disputes between Shareholders
    – Counsel in Court Procedures in Germany and abroad
    – Counsel in Arbitration Procedures in Germany and abroad
  •  Other Business Law
  • – Insolvency Law
    – Transport and Freight Forwarding Law
    – Commercial Property and Real Estate Law
    – Competition Law
    – Industrial Property Rights and Copyright Law
    – Anti-trust Law
    – Expertises and Legal Opinions


Notary publics are independent holders of a public office. Thanks to their additional work as attorneys, lawyers commissioned as notary public are especially well-qualified to provide advice in shaping legal relationships and designing documents. This is the most important area of a notary public office, involving land property matters and in particular property purchase agreements, last wills and testaments and other bequests, the drafting of documents in the area of family law such as prenuptial agreements and contracts laying down the consequences of divorce as well as the broad field of contractual agreements for which notarisation is mandatory in the field of business and corporate law. An attorney specialised in business and corporate law coupled with an understanding of tax-law aspects who is able to perform the tasks of a notary public guarantees you the special expertise and solid support that you need. Notary publics are required to properly take into account all the interests and desires of the parties involved and properly execute them. This is the mission and task of our team at our notary public’s office.

  • Corporate Law
  • – Foundings and Restructurings of Companies
    – Company Transactions
    – Capital Measures
    – Appointments of Managing Directors and Procurators (Prokuristen)
    – Founding of Foundations, Associations and Cooperatives
    – Filings with the Commercial Register
  • Property Law
  • – Property Purchase Agreements
    – Condominium Agreements
    – Land Charges and Mortgages
    – Rights of Way and other Easements
    – Rights of Residence and Usufruct
    – Leaseholds and Inheritable Building Rights
  • Inheritance Law
  • – Last Wills and Testaments
    – Inheritance Agreements
    – Bequests
    – Mandatory Heirship Rights
    – Repudiation of Inheritance
    – Applications for Certificates of Inheritance
  • Family Law
  • – Prenuptial Agreements
    – Divorce Agreements
    – Adoptions
    – Precautionary Powers of Attorney
    – Living Wills  



Globalisation, digitisation and internationalisation are the manifestations of a world developing into a global village at breakneck speed. But different cultures still remain. They are merely lent a similar outward appearance through the use of standardised economic tools and their description in language terms. The mature industrialised countries and newly industrialising countries are seeking to establish comparable legal standards to promote world trade.

Bias and national interests pose stubborn, often aggravating barriers. Supporting clients in designing international legal relationships, offering counsel and advice when contractual problems crop up is a demanding task. This requires experience and partner advisors outside Germany. Our attorneys will also stand at your side and support you to ensure your success in other countries as well.  

Our region


Southern Westphalia is a traditional centre of industry and is well-positioned to play an outstanding role in important sectors of the economy and business in the future as well.

The most important economic sectors in the region are: the automotive branch, metal-working and mechanical engineering, building technology and materials technologies.


With 40% of jobs in the region being in manufacturing, southern Westphalia is the third strongest industrial region in Germany. Among the five counties in the region, the counties of Siegen-Wittgenstein and Olpe along with the regional centre of Siegen in the south stand out. The manufacturing sector in the economic powerhouse County Siegen-Wittgenstein is dominated by the metalworking and metal processing industry.

Metallic products are often closely linked to OEMs in the automotive sector or to system suppliers. A dynamic sector of upstream and downstream production-oriented service providers has developed around this industrial nucleus. Mechanical engineering companies in the county supply rolling works, machinery and plant for the steel and non-ferrous metalworking, machine-tool and roll-machining industry along with machinery for the construction of containers and the manufacture of pipes.


The region is characterised by a high degree of specialisation. Companies that build large plants and systems for the iron and steel industry as well as manufacturers of big machine tools, the roll-machining, lathe and grinding machinery and spark erosion machinery are of considerable importance to the region. The IT sector is an especially dynamic sector of the regional economy.

The economic centre of County Olpe is also dominated by small and medium-scale enterprises in various sectors, in particular metal-casting works, pipe-drawing plants, drop-forging works, factories manufacturing fittings and fixtures, machining plants and factories producing electronic products. The leading sectors are the metal-working industry and mechanical engineering.


The engine of innovation in the region is the University of Siegen with its dual studies programmes, public-private partnership projects and the concentrated skill and know-how of companies training young adults. Services of all types in the private and public sector and the financial economy ensure the independence of the region along the path towards a global future.

Siegen is well connected with the Rhine / Ruhr regions as well as greater Frankfurt via the A 45 / A4 motorway. Four international airports (Frankfurt / Düsseldorf / Cologne / Dortmund) are located in the direct vicinity. Headstrong, forward-looking, determined – a region with personality.


How to find us

Dr. Schön – attorneys at law and notary public

St.-Johann-Straße 27
D-57074 Siegen

Secretaries' office: Mon.–Fri. 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.



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